Costantino Kavafis : Torna


Torna sovente e prendimi,
torna e prendimi amata sensazione –
quando il ricordo del corpo si ridesta
e trascorre nel sangue il desiderio antico;
quando labbra e pelle rammentano,
e alle mani pare di nuovo di toccare.
Torna sovente e prendimi, la notte,
quando labbra e pelle rammentano..

Costantino Kavafis
Traduzione di Nicola Crocetti
Poesia d’amore del Novecento
a cura di Angela Urbano
Fondazione Poesia Onlus 2011

anna akhmatova. you’ll live….

You'll live, but I'll not; perhaps,
The final turn is that.
Oh, how strongly grabs us
The secret plot of fate.

They differently shot us:
Each creature has its lot,
Each has its order, robust, --
A wolf is always shot.

In freedom, wolves are grown,
But deal with them is short:
In grass, in ice, in snow, --
A wolf is always shot.

Don't cry, oh, friend my dear,
If, in the hot or cold,
From tracks of wolves, you'll hear
My desperate recall.

Anna Akhmatova

(Born 1889, Died 1966)

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August, 2000